Gorges of Federa

Gores de Federa

A fairytale hike in the woods: the Gorges of Federa The Gorges of Federa trail (Ra Gores de Fedèra in Ladin language) was created by the Regole d’Ampezzo to enhance a magnificent area of the Ampezzo territory, offering a valid and spectacular alternative to the asphalt road that connects Campo to Brìte de Fedèra [1]. …

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The legend of the Knight of Brack

The Knight of Brack

The “Gran Bracun”, the Knight of Brack For a short walk, or for a “cultural” stop if you pass through these parts, I suggest today a curiosity regarding the Knight of Brack. Around 1930, a painting appear on the left shoulder of the High Bridge (Ponte Alto in Italian). Alfred Mutschlechner, the historic owner of …

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Fanes Waterfalls, deep canyons and amazing gorges

Bridge over Rio Fanes

The Fanes waterfalls, canyons and streams This extremely panoramic and spectacular trip winds its way through deep canyons and gorges to the confluence of the Fanes, Travenenzes and Ra Vales valleys north of Cortina linking up hugely impressive sites in landscape and hydro-geological terms. The two walks underneath the Fanes waterfalls are truly spectacular. The …

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