Gorges of Federa

Gores de Federa

A fairytale hike in the woods: the Gorges of Federa The Gorges of Federa trail (Ra Gores de Fedèra in Ladin language) was created by the Regole d’Ampezzo to enhance a magnificent area of the Ampezzo territory, offering a valid and spectacular alternative to the asphalt road that connects Campo to Brìte de Fedèra [1]. …

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Water, a precious resource!

Water is in short supply

Water is in short supply. Let’s learn to make careful use of it! I recently ate at Rifugio Cinque Torri and was very happy to note an intelligent initiative by the Associazione Rifugi Alpini del Veneto: an educational placemat reminding patrons how precious water is and inviting them to be wise in their use of …

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