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Do you know who Angelo Dibona was?

Angelo Dibona, a great mountaineer Angelo Dibona was not only the most famous Dolomite guide of his era but also, with Paul Preuss, the most important mountaineer of the period immediately preceding World War One. No contemporary climber rivalled the number and grandeur of his first ascents. Almost all of the “Dibona routes” are ultra-elegant […]

La Scala del Minighel – the Minighel ladder

The Minighel ladder, the history of Cortina d’Ampezzo’s first ferrata. The Minighel ladder, Ra Šàra del Minighèl Ladin, is a truly unusual ferrata both in its history and the special way it was made which marks it out from all the ferratas which I have climbed in many years of mountain walks and climbs. Also […]

Dolomites – Portrait of the Pale Mountains

Dolomites paintings: “Dolomites – Portrait of the Pale Mountains” Scottish artist Rowan Huntley loves painting mountains. Her latest collection of work has been inspired by the spectacular eastern Dolomites and will be on show at the Alpine Club in London from 9 November 2016 until 23 January 2017. dolomites paintings Rowan says of her work: […]

Do you need a massage?

[Anne Marie Alifano and her Mobile Massage Service Massage is well known in sports and is good for our body’s health while exercise strengthens our immune system and prevents the onset of many diseases.Unfortunately, those who practice sport are more exposed to the risk of injuries and minor ailments, such as contractures, muscle strains or […]

Tony Scott, filmmaker and alpinist

A tribute to Tony Scott, filmmaker, alpinist! Tony is no more, he’s gone beyond. The reasons for his act are not as yet clear, but it appears that he was gravely ill. Hit by an incurable disease, he’s chosen to end it all rather than subject himself to useless therapies: a strong and decisive choice, […]

Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina lost their lives

Pelmo tragedy: trust fund for Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina A trust fund has been established by the Belluno Mountain rescue service for the families of Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina who lost their lives during a rescue operation last week. After the terrible tragedy on Monte Pelmo, where Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina lost […]

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