Bonacossa equipped path

Sentiero Bonacossa

Bonacossa trail, an amazing equipped path The Bonacossa trail is a partially equipped itinerary that allows you to cross the Cadini di Misurina group, offering a splendid panorama to those who walk it. The route enters a characteristic area of the Dolomites, rich in peaks, spires, bell towers, towers, and saddles. Although it is partially …

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A quiet place

Bivouac Dall'Oglio and Val Montesela

Path 0, Valley Val Montesela and bivouac Dall’Oglio If you love the mountains and are looking for a quiet place, let me tell you a few words about Path 0 (pronounce it “path zero”), valley Val Montesela and bivouac Dall’Oglio. The summer season, especially the month of August, brings a large number of tourists to …

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Wild Punta Erbing

Ascent to Punta Erbing

Ascent to Punta Erbing, an exceptional viewpoint Celebrated Ampezzo Alpine Guide Antonio Dimai knew Mt Pomagagnon very well and opened up a grand total of five new routes on it from 1899 to 1905. The last of these climbed up the south face of the ridge’s easternmost peak (2301 metres) with Dimai’s inseparable climbing partner …

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Croda d’Ancona

Elisabetta on the summit of Croda de Ancona

In search of a quiet and solitary place, Croda d’ Ancona In contrast to many years ago when mountain people made their living from pasture and agriculture, today Cortina’s economy is based mainly on tourism which has undoubtedly brought wellbeing and a certain wealth with it. There is a flip side to the coin, however. …

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The walk around Tofana di Rozes and the ferrata Scala del Minighel

Mountain goat - Tofana di Rozes circuit

The Tofana di Rozes circuit is definitely one of my favourite outings because of its wonderful natural environment, interesting history in both war and peace and for the legendary Minighèl ladder and Tofana di Rozes itself which, for me, is the most beautiful mountain in the Dolomites.It is a beautiful outing, I believe, not too …

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