Volpera Caves, Lake d’Aiàl and Lake Pianozes

Lake Pianozes

A short hike from the center of Cortina Today I want to describe to you an easy hike that starts in the center of Cortina and passes through Mortisa, leading to the Volpera Caves and Lake d’Aiàl, before descending to Lake Pianozes. From here, the hike continues to Campo and along the Convent road back …

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Ra Stua, Foses, Biella, Sennes, Fodara

Lago Grande di Foses e Croda del Beco.

Lakes of Foses, plateau of Sennes and Fodara. I open here this article about the hike from Malga Ra Stua to Foses, Sennes, Fodara Vedla. Foses Sennes Fodara: this magnificent walk takes us to the glacial basin of the Fòses lakes, to then continue towards the Biella, Sennes and Fodara refuges, and finally descend to …

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A pearl in the Dolomites, a jewel (un) ward by the Finger of God

Lake Sorapis

Hiking to the Lake Sorapis for an unforgettable view! Hiking to the Lake Sorapis is an unforgettable experience. The view from the top is simply breathtaking. The lake itself is a beautiful turquoise color and is surrounded by mountains. The hike itself is not too difficult, but it is a bit strenuous. It is definitely …

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