A catastrophic event: the Vaia Storm

Storm Vaia, a disastrous storm.

End of October 2018, Storm Vaia arrives The Vaia storm, also known as Tempesta Vaia, was a violent atmospheric disturbance that ravaged our region, bringing it to its knees in October 2018. Storm Vaia tore down approximately 15 million trees, creating a massive tangle of fallen trunks, shattered branches, uprooted roots, soil, and stones. Entire …

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Water, a precious resource!

Water is in short supply

Water is in short supply. Let’s learn to make careful use of it! I recently ate at Rifugio Cinque Torri and was very happy to note an intelligent initiative by the Associazione Rifugi Alpini del Veneto: an educational placemat reminding patrons how precious water is and inviting them to be wise in their use of …

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