With snowshoes at the foot of Tofana

Da Cian Zopè al rifugio Dibona - Tofana di Rozes

From Cian Zopè to Dibona refuge with snowshoes The excursion from Cian Zopè to Dibona refuge with snowshoes, at the foot of Tofana di Rozes, is certainly to be counted among the classic trips you can take here in Cortina. Along the route, you have good chances of encountering agile chamois, abundant in this area …

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Historic crags in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Eleonora Colli climbing at Colfiere crag

Sasso di Colfiere – Colfiere crag Of Cortina’s many splendid rock faces, Colfiere crag merits special attention less because of its intense “finger pulling” climbs but more because it was one of the first low altitude faces to be developed and has been used by local climbers since the 1950s. The first to make use …

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