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Some testimonials by Google, TripAdvisor and Yes Alps

Brigitt R.

Cannot recommend him highly enough and I am already planning my next trip with him.

Enrico was a phenomenal guide who made us feel completely at ease, safe and showed us so much patience. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the Dolomites and his passion for the mountains is infectious.
Enrico worked so hard to ensure we had an amazing trip, that is was exciting, fun and exhilarating without ever compromising our safety which was of paramount importance to him, we never felt unsafe while exploring some of the highest heights. Cannot recommend him highly enough and I am already planning my next trip with him. Thank you so much!

Yelena G.

A memorable via Ferrata experience with Enrico.

From the time we (a married couple in our early 40s) first contacted Enrico back in march 2019 and the day of actual hike/climb Enrico has kept in touch with us making suggestions about how to prepare, where to stay and what to bring ,etc. He even suggested to meet with us the day before the climb to walk us thru the last details. Enrico is the sweetest person, very supporting and encouraging, very knowledgeable.
The day started pretty early as we set to meet at 8 am which was a big plus as the place (Passo Falzarego) tends to get overly crowded in late AM hours and the weather is still not too hot. We started out the hike up to the beginning of the ferrata which was a bit scary as it was passing thru the narrow trail on the steep side of the mountain but the view of magnificent. Thank to Enrico we have photos that he took of us during the hike up and down and during the Ferrata. I am so grateful for almost 40 photos Enrico shared with us via Dropbox.
While making our ascent, Enrico was telling us about the area, its WW1 history and other historical events that took place there. Ferrata itself was physically challenging but unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable. I wish it lasted longer but for the first time climb it was challenging enough as 2 of its sections were completely vertical. The hike back down was equally challenging as we had to pass thru sections completely covered with snow. Enrico took us thru many WW1 tranches and caverns that altogether form a real maze on that size of the mountain.
All in all was is truly an unforgettable experience all that’s to Enrico. I am so glad with chose to work with him and i am looking forward to more Ferrata climb trip in the future. Will stay in touch. Thank you so much. Yelena and Eugene.

Richard Kim Miller

several years of using Enrico Maioni and Guide Dolomiti for trips to Cortina d’ Ampezzo.

I am currently 67 years old. I have been rock climbing and mountaineering for 51 years. I grew up climbing in Wyoming’s Tetons. I have experienced all forms of climbing (rock, ice, bouldering, big walls, etc.). I contacted Enrico Maioni to arrange for several difficult climbs in the Dolomites – as I was traveling by myself. He was instantly a compatible partner, accessed my ability and made the climbs prefect for our team of two.
I returned the next year and used Enrico for several more days of climbing – one of which involved my 39 year old son, who is also a very experience climber and B.A.S.E. Jumper.
Climbing with Enrico could not have been more pleasant and successful. He treated me with respect as to my experience, level of climbing, history of climbs, and overall conditioning just right. I had lined up another five days with Enrico this coming September (2019), but canceled because of a total knee replacement in August. I have had some of the best days of climbing with Enrico and plan to have many, many more with him and Guide Dolomiti.
I love to travel to Cortina by myself. I use Enrico for more difficult roped climbs, I like to do via ferrata’s and very moderate solo’s by myself. Perfect combination!

Carrol Wayne

After first contacting Guide Dolomiti I had very timely and efficient emails from Enrico.

I have been mountaineering and rock climbing for decades but had never been climbing in the Dolomites.
After first contacting Guide Dolomiti I had very timely and efficient emails from Enrico. He arranged to meet me at my accommodation in Cortina d’Ampezzo. He was immediately a very friendly climbing companion who exuded experience in the mountains and a total knowledge of the climbing in the Dolomites. His leadership on the climbs and his knowledge of the climbing and history of the area was fantastic.
By climbing with Enrico a few times over one week I saved many months of investigating the best climbing locations for myself. When a friend arrived to climb with me I continued climbing in the Dolomites for another few weeks.
Enrico became a good friend who then freely gave professional advice on climbs, climbing conditions and weather conditions whenever we arranged to meet him at the Guide Dolomiti office in the Cortina township.

Dominique Vallee

All around amazing experience with Enrico.

I wanted to make sure that I took fully advantage of my stay in Cortina. I was interested in hiking, Via Ferrata and climbing but had little knowledge of the region. I spent 3 days with Enrico (1 Hiking, 1 Via Ferrata, 1 Climbing), all were amazing. His knowledge allowed us to see beautiful scenery, do hikes and climbs adapted to our objectives and levels while being safe and learn about some of the history. You cannot get more experience and knowledge, he has been a guide for 30 years and is an expert climber. Best of all, he combines this with a great personality and sense of humour to ensure you have a memorable time.
On the planning side, he is very quick to respond to e-mail, meets you at your hotel prior to your activity to introduce himself and present you with options, he picks you up in the morning and drives you back. He also took many pictures of us and gave them to us on a memory stick.
His reputation is that he is the best guide in Cortina and I would agree with that. We had the best time.

Robin Mellet

Could not recommend more highly.

Enrico was the guide for our disparate group of ten 60+ year olds to walk in the Dolomites. He devised a programme for us which was quite difficult as we had two types of walkers – those who wanted to do the full monty, and a less adventurous group who wanted a gentle walk and then to relax.
Not only did he do a fabulous job of planning the walking route(s), he organised the transportation, gave us a variety of accommodation from high end to simpler refugios as requested, and even made excellent restaurant recommendations for us in Cortina for the start and end of the trip. He always had a smile on his face even when some of the less adventurous were looking decidedly mutinous when the heavens opened late morning on a day we all walked together. And his ability to coax an extra few kilometres from those less athletic hikers was a wonder to behold.
We could not more highly recommend his guiding ability.

Jack Sargent

undoubtedly the best guide in the dolomites.

We just had the most exhilarating, fun, and rewarding couple of days with Enrico! Enrico is charming and confident with a great sense of humor, and has been climbing the mountains around Cortina his whole life–so he knows the best routes, views, and also how to keep his guests safe. We’re an athletic couple in our 30s, and without any significant climbing experience we were able to scale ridges and peaks that I never would have imagined all while taking in the most incredible views. We climbed the ferrata degli Alpini and ferrata Olivieri, ending each ferrata with a beer or an Aperol spritz! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to push my comfort zone, while knowing I’m in great hands–and climbing with undoubtedly the best guide in the Dolomites!

Yu Chan

We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Bravo Enrico!

My boyfriend and I ended our last destination in the Alps in Cortina Italy to hike the Dolomites. Although we are serious hikers but not climbers, we thought it might be interesting to try it with a guide. In our search we found Enrico’s website “guidedolomiti.com” most appealing and interesting. We definitely luck out.
In just 3 days Enrico guided us on our first “via ferrata” Mount Cristallo, our second ferrata Col Dei Bos, and lastly we rock climbed to the top of the Torre Grande at Cinque Torri. He is very friendly and knowledgeable, making it comfortable and easy to ask any questions or concerns. He is an expert climber, which makes you feel safe and confident.
Not only did he take great pictures and provide them on an usb flash drive for us to take home but he also gave us many great suggestions on restaurants and other attractions in Cortina.
Enrico’s fun sense of humor and attitude made the experience much more memorable and enjoyable. He gave us an unforgettable experience and also a new sport for us to practice in other parts of the world. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide.