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I’d be grateful if you could write a review. As you will see, you can choose from Google Rating, TripAdvisor, or YesAlps. Specify the factors that contributed to making your experience good, bad, or average. Reviews including detailed, constructive, and polite feedback are a valuable contribution to helping me understand what you like and where there is room for improvement. To express your opinion use the widgets on this page.

It seems obvious but do you know what the point of feedback is?

Have you ever asked yourself why reviews are important in any web marketing strategy? The answer is straightforward: in a few words, if lots of people speak well of something, I feel I can trust it. I’ll be more inclined to follow through.
For example, if I have to buy something in an online shop that I don’t know and there are lots of positive reviews from other clients, I’ll trust that shop more and be more inclined to buy from it.

Or, if the opinions and comments of a hotel’s clients are negative, this will influence my decision to book or otherwise.
When we choose a restaurant, hotel, or service online, we unconsciously trust reviews. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know the people who wrote them. We trust them. This is because clients tend to be more honest than those managing the business concerned, who may want to have us believe that their hotel or restaurant is better than the others.

Reviews are ultra-important both to help other clients who, like you, are faced with a choice and for the business itself which gains in credibility and trust thanks to you. A review isn’t just a tip or a story: it can cheer up someone’s day with a thank you, support a local business, and help people travel better. Feedback takes just a few minutes and I assure you that it means a great deal to me.

As you’ve decided to devote a little time to me I would ask you to remember, when writing your review, that a good review includes enough detail to give other people an understanding of how it went.

Remember: Always reread your reviews. It’s always a good idea to check that what you’ve just written is readable and does not contain errors: believe me, a surprising number of reviews contain many errors. Remember to read through the text quickly before you press send!

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