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Enrico – the Dolomiti Guide!

Review for HIKING

A mate and I have just completed 7 days of hiking and a first introduction to via ferrata in the stunning Dolomites. To get up to speed on the area and via ferrata we were lucky enough to have the first 3 days with guide Enrico Maioni. dolomiti guide

Enrico is just a great guy – from the first evening where we met to discuss our plans through to lending us some gear when we went solo at the end of the week – and a couple of local beers in between. He is a legend on the mountain and had plenty of stories of solo climbs he did as a youngster, through to tips on what to refuel with at the Refugio’s.

He always had a smile and I laughed watching him wind up my mate before to get past early nerves on our first via ferrata.

Unfortunately, some tragic news for Enrico meant that he could not stay with us for the final day so he found a great substitute in Piere. I highly recommend Enrico for the story telling, technical experience and sense of humour!