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Dolomiti News - Find out about what’s going on in the Dolomites.

The new Via Zoe, Lastoni di Formin.

The new Via Zoe, a bolted route on Lastoni di Formin. New “modern” route first ascended by untiring Massimo Da Pozzo on the Lastoni di Formin. Due to the poor weather conditions the route was ascended in three pushes with three different partners, namely Romanin Ivan, Serafini Danilo and Bruno Sartorelli. The eight pitches climb […]

The ferrata degli Alpini on Col dei Bos.

Ferrata Col dei Bos – Dolomites of Ampezzo. In November 2007 the Italian military, based in Bolzano, established the via ferrata Col dei Bosferrata col dei bos alpini. This “Via ferrata degli Alpini” follows the line of an existing route and works were completed in November 2008. The ferrata ascends the South Face of the […]

Via ferrata Sci Club 18 – Monte Faloria – Dolomites.

A new via ferrata just above Cortina: the Sci Club 18. The “Sci Club 18” is a demanding new via ferrata which winds its way up the Crepe di Faloria face, immediately beneath the cable car which leads up to the top of Monte Faloria above Cortina. This difficult and exposed ferrata offers spectacular views […]

Guide’s booklet was introduced during the 19 Century.

As far back as the 15th century, the Venetian Republic hired and paid the local mountaineers to accompany the official mapmakers through the Dolimites to trace the Austrian-Venetian border. Later, in 1865, the Austrian state officially authorised the discipline of Alpine Guide. The profession of “Alpine Guide” was born officially during the second half of […]

The new Via Francesca on Col dei Bos.

Francesca on Col dei Bos, new route! The route follows the obvious grey-black strek up the steep SE Face. 250m up excellent rock, with difficulties usually in the region of 6b and one 6c/6c+ pitch. Despite being protected by bolts, climbers must neverthelss be capable of easily climbing 6c. GETTING THERE From Cortina take the […]