Sorapiss loop, two days of real mountaineering

Giro del Sorapis - Alba

A loop around the Sorapiss range: solitude and breathtaking views Two days are needed to complete the loop around the Sorapiss (also known as Sorapíss or Sorapís). Two days of true mountaineering, a long “walk on the edge” reserved for hikers who are well-trained and accustomed to moving on ledges and rocky balconies. The circular …

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Renewed the Los Angeles 84

Climbing the diedro of Los Angeles 84

Climb the Los Angeles 84 is now more safe The Los Angeles 84 route, for those who are not familiar with it, is a magnificent climb on the south face of the Spalti del Col Bechei in the upper Val di Fanes, the gateway to the Kingdom of Fanes.Opened in the distant year of 1984 …

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Volpera Caves, Lake d’Aiàl and Lake Pianozes

Lake Pianozes

A short hike from the center of Cortina Today I want to describe to you an easy hike that starts in the center of Cortina and passes through Mortisa, leading to the Volpera Caves and Lake d’Aiàl, before descending to Lake Pianozes. From here, the hike continues to Campo and along the Convent road back …

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Walking in the woods

Easy walk in Cortina

An easy walk in Cortina If you’re looking for an easy walk in Cortina, today I suggest a nice one. The walk starts at Camping Olympia, in the Fiames area, and ends at the bus station in the town center. Cortina offers many easy walks, not just challenging high-altitude hikes, via ferratas, and climbs on …

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Construction of a via ferrata

How to build a via ferrata

Do you want to know how to build a via ferrata? In this article, we will guide you through the various phases involved in set up a via ferrata, including who the authorized workers are and the necessary steps to carry out the project. A via ferrata is an equipped climbing path that allows climbers …

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Bonacossa equipped path

Sentiero Bonacossa

Bonacossa trail, an amazing equipped path The Bonacossa trail is a partially equipped itinerary that allows you to cross the Cadini di Misurina group, offering a splendid panorama to those who walk it. The route enters a characteristic area of the Dolomites, rich in peaks, spires, bell towers, towers, and saddles. Although it is partially …

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