The hill of the machine

Fodara Vedla

Verso il 1850 il Comune di Marebbe fece un consistente taglio di legname a Fanes e lo vendette ad un mercante veneto.
Per poterlo far fluire verso la pianura attraverso il Boite, il legname doveva essere trasportato nel piano di Revis. Fu indetto allora un concorso che venne vinto dai cavallai ampezzani…

A quiet place

Bivouac Dall'Oglio and Val Montesela

Path 0, Valley Val Montesela and bivouac Dall’Oglio If you love the mountains and are looking for a quiet place, let me tell you a few words about Path 0 (pronounce it “path zero”), valley Val Montesela and bivouac Dall’Oglio. The summer season, especially the month of August, brings a large number of tourists to …

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The history of the Giau Wall

Discovering the Giau Wall

An ancient history, the Giau Wall The history of the Giau Wall is an ancient one. It is about a controversy over some pastures and land between the inhabitants of two neighboring municipalities: San Vito di Cadore and Cortina d’Ampezzo. The first written document that testifies to the contrasts between the two towns dates back …

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Giau Wall and Becco Muraglia with snowshoes

Discovering the Becco Muraglia with snowshoes

Discovering the Becco Muraglia with snowshoes One of the many worthwhile straightforward snowshoe excursions taking you to one of the least known corners of the Dolomites is the well-known Becco Muraglia and what remains of the Giau Muraglia, now hidden in the vegetation and worn away by difficult weather conditions. Before embarking on a description …

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Wild Punta Erbing

Ascent to Punta Erbing

Ascent to Punta Erbing, an exceptional viewpoint Celebrated Ampezzo Alpine Guide Antonio Dimai knew Mt Pomagagnon very well and opened up a grand total of five new routes on it from 1899 to 1905. The last of these climbed up the south face of the ridge’s easternmost peak (2301 metres) with Dimai’s inseparable climbing partner …

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An anniversary to remember

Il tracciato della via Dimai Eotvos sulla Tofana di Rozes

The route Dimai/Eötvös on the south face of Tofana di Rozes The summer of 2021 will celebrate two important anniversaries in the mountain climbing arena: the first climbs of the South Face of Punta Fiames and of the South Face of Tofana di Rozes. Both climbs were achieved by one of the most famous and …

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