Crepo Longo crag

Crag of Crepo Longo.

Crepo Longo crag – New walls to climb in Cortina Something like this had been missing: a crag with lots of easy routes, up excellent quality rock, ideal for those who although they don’t master the hardest difficulties, enjoy climbing for the sake of it, ideally in magnificent surroundings. Tahnks to the tried and tested …

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An original cave on Tofana

Grotta di Tofana entrance

The Tofana grotto on the lower bastion of the Tofana di Rozes During the mid-half of latter century the GTofana grotto was a highly popular outing with visiting tourists, now though it is has fallen into disuse. I believe though that the walk and ferrata remains a highly interesting outing, above all in spring when …

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Via Benjamin on Tofana di Mezzo

Ruggero climbing on via Benjamin.

Tofana di Mezzo, central pillar In the summers of 2002 and 2003 the Scoiattoli Luigi Majoni and Davide Gaspari established a difficult and beautiful route up the East Face of the Tofana di Mezzo. The route isn’t well-known and ascends splendid limestone slabs and the overhangs up the mountain’s central spur. Due to the demanding …

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Teenagers exploring the wilderness

Gully and Busc de r'Ancona

Nell’estate 1977 per la prima volta con Enrico, che mi ospita cortesemente su questo sito, e poi in diverse altre occasioni fino al 10 novembre 1990 con Max e Sandro, scesi lungo il profondo incavo roccioso in cui alloggia il Ru de r’Ancona, ai piedi della Croda omonima…

Sport climbing on Lagazuoi Piccolo

Sport Climbing Lagazuoi

A crag with easy single pitches for beginners At the start of the new millennium the Cortina Mountain Guides decided to bolt a crag with easy single pitches for beginners. They chose Monte Lagazuoi, in particular a section on the south face located to the left (west) of the tunnel entrance for the Galleria del …

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