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Dolomiti News - Find out about what’s going on in the Dolomites.

Sport climbing in Cortina d’Ampezzo

The many sport climbing rock faces around Cortina give climbing lovers around two thousand pitches to try out, a truly significant number and one which is growing thanks to the constant hard work and undoubted passion which has always been a feature of those working to provide climbers with a new and ever changing playground. […]

The snow during the War.

This winter there is very little snow in the Dolomites, but it is not always so. Just a few years ago there was a Super Winter Season (65 feet of snow), as you can read here. Today everyone wants the snow, but during the Great War, the snow was a great and feared enemy.snow during […]

Dolomites – Portrait of the Pale Mountains.

Scottish artist Rowan Huntley loves painting mountains. Her latest collection of work has been inspired by the spectacular eastern Dolomites and will be on show at the Alpine Club in London from 9 November 2016 until 23 January 2017. dolomites paintings Rowan says of her work: “I have loved exploring and getting to know the […]

The walk around Tofana di Rozes and the ferrata Scala del Minighel.

The Tofana di Rozes circuit is definitely one of my favourite outings because of its wonderful natural environment, interesting history in both war and peace and for the legendary Minighèl ladder and Tofana di Rozes itself which, for me, is the most beautiful mountain in the Dolomites. It is a beautiful outing, I believe, not […]

Fanes Waterfalls, deep canyons and amazing gorges.

This extremely panoramic and spectacular trip winds its way through deep canyons and gorges to the confluence of the Fanes, Travenenzes and Ra Vales valleys north of Cortina linking up hugely impressive sites in landscape and hydro-geological terms. The two walks underneath the Fanes waterfalls are truly spectacular.fanes waterfalls The sequence of potholes, rapids and […]

From Bolzano to Cortina, the Great Dolomites Road!

The Great Dolomites Road – known in Italian as the Grande Strada delle Dolomiti and in German as Die Große Dolomitenstraße and – was completed in 1909 and hailed as a major tourist attraction as early as the 1920s. This mountain road crosses the Dolomites passing through the South Tyrol, Trentino and Veneto. The scenery […]

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