Sass de Stria Cliff

Easy sport climbing at Sass de Stria cliff.

Easy sport climbing at Sass de Stria cliff: exploring the perfect spots for novice climbers The Sass de Stria cliff, a towering peak near the Falzarego Pass, offers an ideal setting for enthusiasts of easy sport climbing. Situated amidst the breathtaking Dolomites, this cliff presents a perfect opportunity for climbers seeking accessible routes on compact …

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Climbing at Rio Gere

Rio Gere cliff offers climbing opportunities in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Long pitches and endurance are the characteristics of the Rio Gere cliff. This beautiful cliff was initially equipped in the early 1990s by Diego Ghedina, also known as “Tomasc,” who saw the potential for opening a new climbing area in the Ampezzo territory. Diego later abandoned …

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Easy snowshoeing and sledding on Monte Piana

Sul Monte Piana con ciaspole e slittino.

Easy snowshoeing on Monte Piana Introduction If you’re looking for an easy snowshoeing adventure combined with sledding fun, exploring Monte Piana with snowshoes and sledding down to the valley is an excellent choice. Despite its name suggesting otherwise, the morphology of Monte Piana (2.324 m) doesn’t make it particularly suitable for climbing. However, it’s the …

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Snowshoeing in Fedare

Con le ciaspe a Fedare.

An easy snowshoeing excursion in Fedare An easy snowshoeing excursion in Fedare is an excellent choice for those looking to spend a couple of hours in the snow in a sun-kissed area. In winter, when the green meadows are blanketed in a pristine layer of snow, the breathtaking views of the area are truly captivating. …

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Antonia Zardini

Stereoscopic camera.

Antonia Zardini, the First Italian War Photojournalist In the picturesque Ampezzo Valley, memories abound with admiration for the photographic talent of the great Stefano Zardini. However, the Zardini family legacy extends beyond individual brilliance, shaping generations of lens artists. Within this realm of photographic excellence, the roots of a true pioneer emerge: Antonia Zardini Verocai, …

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In Val Fonda with snowshoes

Val Fonda with snowshoes

A snowshoe walk in Val Fonda described today can be a valid alternative to more challenging hikes when seeking a route that is not steep, not strenuous, and does not pose orientation problems. It can also serve as a great option when time is limited but the desire to explore a new corner of the …

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