Vie ferrate in the Dolomites

Via ferrata Ivano Dibona

The Dolomites are unequalled in the number and beauty of their vie ferrate offering not only strong emotions but more.
Some of the routes go through the places of the Great War, which on the mountains of Cortina left some of the most tragic and memorable legacies.

Massive choice of vie ferrate

The choice of vie ferrate in the Dolomites is infinitely varied, from the shortest and least demanding ferrata to the most difficult ones, which require a more thorough level of physical fitness. And now you can test yourself on one of our rope-lined trails, to be able to look at the world from on high and to achieve, with your own strength, the “loftiness” of climbers.

You can choose between three different difficulty levels. The first is ideal for beginners who are trying their hands at this activity for the first time and involves un-challenging ferratas while the second and third levels are for more experienced and fitter individuals on medium and also very difficult via ferratas.

The difficulty in a Ferrata derives mainly from the steepness of the wall and the quantity of holds and supports, whether natural or artificial. The easiest Ferrate are usually called “Sentieri Ferrati” (“Iron Trails”), while the more difficult ones are defined as “Vie Ferrate”. One needs to underline that technical difficulty is only one of the components of the difficulty of a Ferrata.

  • Where: Cortina – Alta Badia – Val di Fassa.
  • Difficulty: very easy, easy, medium, difficult, very difficult.
  • Price: starting from 300,00 Euro to 360,00 Euro, according with the difficulty and the length of the ferrata.
  • Note: the total cost is split between those taking part (maximum three). Technical equipment is included.

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