Daily hikes with snowshoes

Snowshoes excursions in Dolomites

Snowshoes excursions in the Dolomites paradise

Skiing in the ski slopes is certainly a healthy and fun activity, but doesn’t have a lot to do with what we call the real mountain. Try to leave the groomed slopes and enter in the magic world, the silent world of the mountain dressed in white, you will be fascinated.

‎If you want to get in the spectacle of the mountains in winter and the perception to be part of nature, you can simply do it venturing with snowshoes into one of the paths that wind through the woods and the peaks of the Dolomites.

Winter trekking with snowshoes is an activity for everyone, as I have shown in the pages devoted to them.

  • Where: Cortina and surroundings.
  • Difficulty: easy-medium-difficult.
  • Price: 75 Euros per person, with 3 people. The price changes according to the number of the participants and the difficulty-length of the itinerary.
  • Note: snowshoes and poles are given by the guide.

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