Rock climbing for beginners




Are you yearning for an exhilarating rock climbing experience? Have you harbored a desire to try climbing, dismissing it as an activity reserved for an elite few? Perhaps you feel you’ve outgrown the possibility of taking up climbing? Let me assure you, nothing could be farther from the truth! Trust me, rock climbing is a sport accessible to anyone with the inclination to try. The key is to embark on this adventure with the guidance of someone experienced who understands the ropes, figuratively and literally.

The rock climbing basics

I’ve served as a rock climbing guide for thirty years, introducing countless individuals to the thrill of climbing and ensuring they have a truly unforgettable experience.

Many of those I’ve guided caught the climbing bug, conquering routes they once deemed beyond their capabilities.

Join me at the Cinque Torri, a historic area where Cortina’s Scoiattoli climbing club has honed its skills. Here, you’ll master the basics of rock climbing and essential rope work. Rock climbing is a challenging sport that demands both motor skills and a strong psychological component. I’ll guide you in developing the right mental attitude for climbing effectively, understanding the associated risks, and learning how to mitigate them.

You’ll ascend rock faces that previously seemed insurmountable, relishing the exhilaration of conquering peaks under your own power. We’ll climb multiple routes, rappel down, and savor breathtaking landscapes!

Embark on two unforgettable days of rock climbing in the Dolomites. Your safety is my top priority, and your satisfaction and enjoyment are my primary goals. Trust me, dreams can become reality—all you need to do is believe in them!

  • Location: Cinque Torri (Cortina).
  • Difficulty: easy-medium.
  • Duration: one or two days.
  • Cost for one day: €350 for one person, €180 per person for two people.
  • Cost for two days: €700 for one person, €360 per person for two people.
  • Note well: prices include technical equipment rental /climbing shoes, harness and helmet) and transport from Cortina to the Cinque Torri.