Rock climbing for beginners

Are you looking for a rock climbing thrill? Have you always wanted to try climbing but have always believed that it’s just for an elite few? Or is it that you think you’re too old for climbing now?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Believe me, anyone who wants to can try their hand at this great sport. The important thing is to do it with someone who knows what they’re doing.

The rock climbing basics

I’ve been an rock climbing guide now for thirty years and I’ve initiated many people to climbing and given them a very special day.

Many of them caught the climbing bug and have climbed routes that they never thought they would have been capable of over the years.

I’ll take you to the “Cinque Torri“, the historic area where Cortina’s Scoiattoli climbing club have always trained. You’ll learn the rock climbing basics and the most important rope work there. Rock climbing is a difficult sport involving both motor skills and an important psychological component. You’ll learn the right mental attitude for climbing in the best way and gain an understanding of the risks and how to avoid them.

You will be able to climb on rock faces which seemed inaccessible to you before and enjoy the thrill of conquering peaks under your own steam! We’ll climb up more than one route, rappelling down and gaze at breathtaking landscapes!

Enjoy two rock climbing days in the Dolomites. Your safety will be my priority and your satisfaction and enjoyment my objectives. Believe me, dreams do come true. You only have to believe in them!

  • Location: Cinque Torri (Cortina).
  • Difficulty level: easy-medium.
  • Cost for one day: €350 for one person, €180 per person for two people.
  • Cost for two days: €700 for one person, €360 per person for two people.
  • N.B.: prices include technical equipment rental /climbing shoes, harness and helmet) and transport from Cortina to the Cinque Torri.