Super Ferrata




Costantini Via Ferrata, the Super Ferrata

The Costantini, also known as the Super Ferrata, is rightfully regarded as one of the most challenging, longest, and renowned routes in the Dolomites. It typically takes around 9 hours to complete the route, starting from the Carestiato refuge and returning to Passo Duran. This demanding itinerary involves a vertical ascent of over 1200 meters, ultimately reaching the summit of Moiazza Sud.

The Costantini Via Ferrata is challenging not only due to its length and physical demands but also because of its technical difficulties. A solid via Ferrata experience is essential to fully enjoy this ascent.

The plan includes an overnight stay at the Carestiato refuge to enable an early morning start. The approximate access time to the refuge from Passo Duran (parking) is 40 minutes.

The Costantini Via Ferrata route offers no respite, and due to its length, lingering excessively is not permitted. It is crucial to begin early, both to return in daylight and to allow extra time for necessary breaks along the way.

We will collectively decide whether to ascend together to the Carestiato refuge, or we can arrange to meet directly there in the late afternoon.

It goes without saying that tackling the Costantini Via Ferrata requires favorable weather conditions, and the ascent should only be undertaken in stable weather. Encountering a thunderstorm on the Super Ferrata would pose significant risks, and, in any case, only in good weather can you appreciate the splendid panorama that surrounds us. The view of the surrounding peaks is truly magnificent, including the Dolomites of Zoldo, Pelmo, and Antelao, Van delle Sasse and Civetta, Marmolada and Sella, Cristallo, Cristallino, and Piz Popena, Agner, and the Pale di San Martino, among many other smaller but equally spectacular peaks.

External link: The Super Ferrata Costantini on Mountain Project.

  • Where: Moiazza Mountain Range
  • Duration: two days.
  • Difficulty: Exclusively for experts. The Costantini Via Ferrata is rightly considered one of the most challenging in the Dolomites, both for its technical difficulties and the length and physical effort required.
  • Maximum number of participants: Maximum two people.
  • Note: Participants’ food and accommodation costs, as well as those of the alpine guide, are NOT INCLUDED.
  • Price: 450 euros for one person, 580 euros for two people.