Dolomite Via Ferrata Course

Via ferrata course in Dolomites

Two days devoted to learning the basics you need to undertake ferratas and vertical rocky terrain in safety.

This ferrata course is ideal for those wanting to move on from hiking to the Dolomites’ vertiginous rock faces to better enjoy its wonderful panoramas from the best possible vantage point. And all this with an adrenalin buzz!

General Ferrata Course Programme

We’ll begin by climbing a simple, short via ferrata, suitable for beginners, where you can learn how to use your ferrata equipment and pick up the fundamentals for this sort of route.

This first easy ferrata is a chance to get used to the altitude and exposure and use your arms and legs in the most efficient way.

A mistake common to many beginners to via ferrata is, in fact, to “pull” on the rope much more than they need to and waste a great deal of energy.
Positioning feet correctly on rocks and gaining sensitivity and trust in one’s shoes on the rocks even on small rocky surfaces (next step) is thus of primary importance.
At the same time you will start getting used to height and exposed positions as well as the basic knots and use of ferrata equipment.

After this we will move straight on to a new ferrata. Which ferrata it is will depend on your abilities and preferences.

The next day will be entirely devoted to climbing a via ferrata. The route will be agreed with those taking part on the basis of their abilities and weather conditions on the day.

  • Where: Cortina d’Ampezzo.
  • Difficulty: easy, medium.
  • Length: two days
  • Cost per person: €220 with 3 participants, €310 with only two participants.
  • Groups: For larger groups the cost will be calculated according to the actual number taking part.
  • Note: the price includes technical climbing gear (via ferrata set, harness and helmet). In the event that we need to take a chair lift or cable car, the ticket is not included.

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