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In the Dolomites well-marked trails allow excursionists to move around without any problem and enjoy views of peerless beauty.
Anyone who loves nature will find something here that is different to other mountains areas in the world.

And beyond the most trodden paths there are hidden corners and even in peak season you can enjoy the silence and solitude which make the mountains so special.

Daily hikes for beginners and experts

Who could be better than an alpine guide who was born and bred in the Dolomites to take you on a journey of discovery of the hidden corners of these mountains in total safety? Enjoy your daily hikes with a local guide.

  • Where: Dolomites of Ampezzo daily hikes
  • Difficulty: for beginners and experts
  • Price: 300 Euros


Are you interested in multi-day trips, with overnight stays in the Dolomites refuges? Check out this multi-day hiking program!

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