Alta Via 1

Alta via 1 - Dolomites

The term Alta Via signifies a trek which is usually only feasible in multiple days subdivided into many stages based at mountain huts and/or shelters.
These spectacular itineraries cut right through the Dolomites moving from valley to valley, east to west or north to south.

There are a grand total of eight Alte Via in the Dolomites following well-signed footpaths accessible to any suitably equipped hiker.
It should be noted that there are multiple variants some of which are more difficult than others.

The Alte Vie wind their way along footpaths marked by a triangular sign which is white inside bearing the identifying number Alta Via 1  alta via 1 .

The places of Dolomite Alta Via 1

Doing one of the Dolomite Alte Vie is a chance to enjoy the essence of these wonderful mountains to the full. Getting away for a few nights from the stresses and strains of modern life, living in close contact with nature by day and night, staying at high altitude for several days, listening to the voice of the silence, admiring magical landscapes: these are just some of the unforgettable experiences you can have on a Dolomite Alta Via.

The Dolomite Alte Vie each have different characteristics and difficulty levels and whilst all merit a trip Alta Via no. 1, the classic, is the most popular. The whole route is very long, however, and not everyone has the time to do it all. For this reason Guide Dolomiti offers a reduced version of Alta Via no. 1 which covers some of the most beautiful parts of the whole route.

  • Starting and finishing point: Cortina d’Ampezzo
  • Difficulty: from easy to medium.
  • Length: 6 days – 5 mountain hut nights. Trip length can be modified according to the wishes of those taking part.
  • Cost per person: calculated according to the actual number of participants.
  • Reservations: for the purposes of finding space in the huts it is crucial to book some months ahead.
  • Note: the huts have double rooms with external toilets and bathrooms and sometimes en-suite.
    Itineraries may vary according to weather conditions, physical fitness and the ability of those taking part and/or the guide’s advice.

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