The life of a Mountain Guide

My intent

I was born in a wonderful place, Cortina di Ampezzo, where I live and work to this day. I’ve been getting to know, explore and love my town and the wonderful mountains around it – the Dolomites – since I was a child.

As I grew up, my passion for the mountains and the fantastic outdoor activities available in this dream environment prompted me to take up the mountain guiding profession which is, for me, the most wonderful job in the world. Today I guide anyone with the desire of it up on these mountains on both complicated and easy ascents, summer and winter.

My intent is to convey the knowledge gained over many years of mountaineering, hiking and climbing, and trying to transmit to my clients the love I nourish for this area.

Enrico Maioni – 2020


Competence & Expertise

Rock Climbing
Via ferrata
Summer & Winter hiking
Ice Climbing
Ski mountaineering & Off-piste


Why become a mountain guide?

Like many of the children born in the Ampezzo valley, when I was little I started to explore this amazing environment on Sunday walks with my parents and later on with my friends.

The surrounding mountains held a great fascination for me and the desire to reach their summits soon made itself felt. It was for this reason, when I was fourteen years old, that I started climbing with my friends. I kept it quiet from my parent at first; they considered it a dangerous activity without expert supervision.

Luckily I managed to survive the dangers of being inexperienced and reckless and, at the age of 20, was invited to join the Gruppo Scoiattoli (the Squirrel Group; the most famous group of climbers of Italy).

From that moment onwards, I began to expand my climbing portfolio, mainly in the Dolomites, but also in other ranges (climbing various ice and mixed routes in the Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa areas, and making an ascent of Denali (via West Rib) in Alaska).

The allure of the great mountains however was not enough to lure me away from my great passion, rock climbing. Having climbed many of the classic routes in the Dolomites, for a short period I dedicated myself to making solo ascents (including the Costantini-Apollonio route on the South Pillar of Tofana di Rozes in 1981).

In the early 80s, sport climbing made its appearance in the Dolomites.
I started to travel abroad to sport climb and discovered a whole new world of rock climbing.

I had found a style of climbing that was perfect for me and my enthusiasm for it is still strong. This enthusiasm has helped me to climb at a fairly high grade. My best effort being a redpoint of an 5.13d, but years pass by and there is less time to dedicate to training, I no longer climb this hard.

In the meantime I attended training courses, which enabled me in time to qualify as a Mountain Guide. In 1984 I joined the Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina (the local guides’ organization), which I am proud to be a part of and where I continue to work.

What has always been a passion, became later on in the years a job: today I guide anyone with the desire of it up on these mountains on both complicated and easy ascents, summer and winter, trying to transmit to my clients the love I nourish for this area.

If you have already been to the mountain with me I’d be grateful if you could write a review. My guests often tell me how helpful it is to read past guests’ reviews before booking their own visits.

Enrico Maioni – Mountain Guide

Hereunder, two old movies of the annual International Mountain Guides Climbing Championship. The IFMGA climbing championship take place every year and every certified mountain guide can participate.
The championship underline the excellent know-how and the high level of training of the mountain guides.

Arco (TN) 1995 – Enrico placed 9th

Sexten (BZ) 2002 – Enrico placed 2th