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Tony Scott, filmmaker and alpinist

A tribute to Tony Scott, filmmaker, alpinist!

Tony Scott sulla via Comici Dimai.

Tony is no more, he’s gone beyond. The reasons for his act are not as yet clear, but it appears that he was gravely ill. Hit by an incurable disease, he’s chosen to end it all rather than subject himself to useless therapies: a strong and decisive choice, just like his character, a choice one could argue about, but one we’re not qualified to judge.

I did not see Tony for long periods of time, but I knew him well, as happens when two people tie into the same rope: this is a truth that climbers know well. On the wall, especially in difficult situations, everyone’s defects and merits come to the surface, they cannot be hidden.

I can say about Tony that I have seen, and I relish in remembering, his merits: a real man, tenacious, good, and generous. A rich man, yes, but above all a man with a rich heart, with a simplicity at times disarming. I’m truly sorry Tony is no longer with us. tony scott filmmaker alpinist
Have a good trip, Tony.

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In the light of your brother
Video montage tribute to director Tony Scott. The images are taken from a short film by Ridley Scott “Boy and Bicycle” with the main interpreter, his brother Tony, accompanied by the music of Hans Zimmer from the movie “True Romance”.


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