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Having a Dolomites map is not just essential for your safety but also a delightful tool for satisfying your curiosity about the names of peaks and valleys. Whether you’re navigating the trails or simply marveling at the breathtaking landscapes, a Dolomites map enhances your experience, offering both guidance and the joy of discovery.

The best maps

Undoubtedly the best Dolomites maps are those made by the Tabacco Publishing House which has been making maps since World War Two and is known worldwide for the accuracy and safety of its maps for expert climbers, mountaineers, trekkers, and Sunday walkers. The Alpine Rescue service uses the maps made by this historic publishing house. As far as climbing and vie ferrate guidebooks are concerned there is a wide range. I will just mention a couple here but there are certainly many others available on the market. If you like my site and find it useful you can help me by buying using the link on this page as thanks for the information I share on it.

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Dolomites map: the best topographic maps

Tabacco map Cortina d'Ampezzo
Tabacco map Dolomiti del Centro Cadore
Tabacco map Dolomiti di Sesto
Tabacco map Marmolada - Pelmo - Civetta - Moiazza
Dolomiti Map. Zoldo - Cadore
tabacco map val gardena e alpe di siusi
Tabacco map Val di Fassa
Tabacco map Dolomiti di Auronzo e Comelico

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Rock climbing – via Ferrata guidebooks

Dolomites climbing guidebook
Alta via 1 - 2 guidebook
Dolomites via ferrata book
Crags Cortina Climbing Guidebook

Are you ready with a topographic map, or a guide book of the excursion you have planned? Great! And if you are looking for inspiration for a nice trip, explore some descriptions of itineraries published on this site.