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From Bolzano to Cortina, the Great Dolomites Road!

The car boom and the history of the road from Bolzano to Cortina

The Great Dolomites Road – known in Italian as the Grande Strada delle Dolomiti and in German as Die Große Dolomitenstraße and – was completed in 1909 and hailed as a major tourist attraction as early as the 1920s.

This mountain road crosses the Dolomites passing through the South Tyrol, Trentino and Veneto. The scenery is amazing, with green valleys dominated by the stark mountain walls, but the driving is hard, with lots of hairpin bends. In some sections it is very narrow and steep with hairpin bends and requires you to drive with great care. I would advise against driving it with a trailer attached to your car. from bolzano to cortina

from bolzano to cortinaThis wonderfully scenic Italian road is undoubtedly a work which has made a determinant contribution to the tourist development of this magnificent mountain area of northern Italy.
More than 100 years since it was built, the Great Dolomites Road is still today bringing people to admire enchanting landscapes surrounded by internationally unique mountains.

But we can’t ignore the flip side either and I believe that it is important to stop and think about the changes – and not all of them positive – that have taken place in the Dolomites. The boom in cars and even more motor bikes is a constant, frequently uncontrolled, consequence of mass tourism.

It is an amazing drive, and definitely must be one of your trip highlights. The views are simply stunning. You can see the majority of the main Dolomite peaks from the Great Dolomites Road and for this reason I advise you to take a whole day over these 110 kilometres of tarmac road so that you can stop as often as you want to admire the view, go for a little stroll and enjoy the splendours of this mountain world. from bolzano to cortina

Bear in mind, however, that this drive gets extremely busy in the summer, with lots of cars and motorbikes on the road – with plenty of crazy drivers too.

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The Great Dolomites Road – La Grande Strada delle Dolomiti – Die Große Dolomitenstraße

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