Why hire a Mountain Guide?

Safety is a good reason to hire a mountain guide

Humans are looking for recreation and adventure in the mountains.
Like in all situations in life also in mountaineering there is a certain residual risk left. Mountain guides are professionally trained to reduce this residual risk.

Their high quality education is focused on safety. Additionally to this the mountain guide has got long experience which helps the professional and certified mountain guide to take the right decisions in difficult situations.

Moreover, mountain guides have a basic education in geology, fauna and flora and know the mountains and their history. hire a mountain guide

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Why hire a Mountain Guide?
Because an alpine guide can put his or her huge experience at your disposal and give you the chance to experience great thrills and unforgettable moments.

  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Teaching
  • Knowledge of the area
  • Knowledge of nature

Mountain guides create adventure worlds

A good mountain guide can transform a travel experience into something remarkable.
The result to hire a guide is (hopefully) an interesting tour with lots of information and answers to any question you could possibly pose.
The tour is also well thought out, efficient and makes sense. At no time does the Mountain Guide seem lost or out of their element.

The mountain guide does not only guide you in a safe way across the mountains, but he fulfils also global tasks in taking care of his clients. Before the tour starts he gives personal advice to the client and supports him in selecting the right tour.

Like this, a mountain tour becomes a global experience for the client. He does not only guide the way, but he is also adviser and animator. He helps ambitious clients to improve technically and physically. Often the mountain guide accompanies his client for many years and all over the world. This is the basis for friendships that last for a lifetime. hire a mountain guide