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The descent of the Ru de r’Ancona gully

In the summer of 1977 I descended, for the first time, the Ru de r’Ancona gully, the deep rocky gorge benath the hole made by the devil. From Busc (the high natural hole at the foot of the homonymous Croda), the gorge descends to intersect the Alemagna Raod, near the Ponte de r’Ancona.

Legend retains it that the creator of the hole in the rock was none other than the devil, forced to flee from the Valley of Ampezzo after attempting to subjugate the population to his will.

The Ru de r’Ancona gully develops in a steep and rugged recess, with a vertical drop of about 600 meters. With some caution, given the tormented and unstable debris bed and the lack of trails, it is still passable, except for a short section.

Indeed, when you gain a lower point, the stream that runs through it widens into a smooth basin. Beyond that, a jump of about 15 meters in height, adorned with a charming little waterfall, does not allow natural progression.

The solution to the problem lies on the right-hand side. Faint traces in the vegetation lead back to an ancient forest marker and then descend from the opposite slope, allowing you to bypass the obstacle and comfortably return to the rocky Ru de r’Ancona.

The steep Ru de r’Ancona’s gully

ru de r’anconaIn my opinion, the r’Ancona gully is widely unfrequented, perhaps because the upper part is quite fragmented and requires a certain hiking effort. However, it was skied in the spring of 1984 by Nina Bartoli Ford, alone. The singular feat was reported in the biannual publication “Le Dolomiti Bellunesi.”

Among the wild adventures possible in Cortina, the descent of the Ru de r’Ancona gully is recommended for experienced and adept individuals, equipped with strong calves and sturdy footwear.

Ascend to Busc along the military mule track (which I entitle the “trail of the three eyes” due to the presence of three war caves aligned on a ledge) that runs along the left side of the gully, sparsely marked in red, then cross the rocky window and navigate through the debris until reaching the Strada d’Alemagna: it is a “wild trail” that, I believe, no book has published.

When traveled with appropriate respect for the almost pristine environment, it allows you to reclaim a fragment of wilderness that has otherwise vanished elsewhere.

At the Busc de r’Ancona

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