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An easy walk in Cortina

If you’re looking for an easy walk in Cortina, today I suggest a nice one. The walk starts at Camping Olympia, in the Fiames area, and ends at the bus station in the town center.

Cortina offers many easy walks, not just challenging high-altitude hikes, via Ferrata, and climbs on steep walls. In fact, there are many walks suitable for children, older adults, those in need of gentle rehabilitation activity, or those simply looking for some peace and quiet just a few steps from the city center.

The little stroll I’m proposing takes about an hour and a half to walk leisurely and does not require your own vehicle, but instead uses the local bus service to get started.


From the bus station in the center of Cortina take the Linea Urbana n°1 bus and get off at the Camping Olympia stop, just before Fiames, where this easy and comfortable walk begins.


Once you get off the bus, cross the main road and head towards the campsite. After crossing the bridge, turn left onto path no. 417. Of course, you could also get here by car, but you’ll need to organize someone to accompany you to pick it up later, or you can return here using the Linea Urbana n°1 bus.

The path initially follows the Boite stream, following it on the right bank with slight ups and downs. Shortly thereafter, the easy walk presents a short climb at the base of a rocky outcrop known as Sas Perón. It then continues through the beautiful woods, in a truly pleasant environment where greenery and silence reign.

Exiting the woods is wonderful: our easy walk gently climbs the grassy slope and in the distance, the shapes of Monte Pelmo, Rocchette, Becco di Mezzodì, and Croda da Lago appear.

Once you arrive at the beautiful village of Cadin di Sopra, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the center of Cortina and admire the ancient rural houses dating back to the 1700s.

Continuing the easy walk on the paved road, you now need to descend to Cadin di Sotto and continue until you reach the main road.

Easy walk in Cortina
Cadin di Sopra – Punta Fiames in the background

At the intersection, cross the main road and briefly climb the path you see right next to the Cicli Cortina rental, until you reach the former site of the Ferrovia delle Dolomiti (Dolomites Railway). Today, the railway track is used as a convenient walk near the city center, while outside the town, it is used as a cycle path in summer and a cross-country skiing track in winter.

Now, all you have to do is continue walking along the former railway until you finally conclude the easy walk in Cortina, right in the bus station square.

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