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Is there still snow on the ferratas?

It’s nearly the end of May now and a great many people are asking us what the snow situation is like now on our beautiful mountains.
How much snow is there in the Dolomites now? Which vie ferratas are open? Can you climb at the Cinque Torri?
And can you climb the Pomagagnon?

As I live here I have the situation in front of my eyes and I think it would be useful to say a few words on the subject.
I went with a friend to Torri del Falzarego today and we climbed both the Via Dibona to Torre Grande and Spigolo Comici on Torre Piccola and this gave me a good idea from close to of how much snow is still around in that area.

You can climb the Torri with no difficulty but you’ll need to take account of an extra couple of double ropes in that both small and large descent ravines from the Piccola and Torre Grande are super full of snow.

You can get a great view of the Cinque Torri, Averau and Nuvolau from there and, as you might imagine, these peaks are completely covered with snow.
Despite all that snow the access road to the Cinque Torri is open and the chair lift will open on the 7th of June.

snow on the ferratas

We’ll have to wait a good while longer for the Tofana di Rozes ferratas and climbing routes, there is a huge amount of snow there.

The Ferrata degli Alpini at Col dei Bos is in excellent condition but the descent could be a problem if you don’t come fully equipped.

Finally Pomagagnon and Punta Fiames – the south facing slopes are completely clear of snow and Ferrata Strobel is an option. I can’t tell you how much snow there is on the descent route but there must certainly be a great deal.

I would like to remind you that you can check which ferratas are open in the Cortina d’Ampezzo area on this site.
It is updated weekly. snow on the ferratas

Climbing on via Dibona - Torre Grande di Falzarego
The area of Cinque Torri. May 24th, 2014


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