Ferrata Caprioli

Ferrata Caprioli in San Vito di Cadore

The Ferrata Caprioli, located in the heart of the Dolomites in San Vito di Cadore, is a new attraction for mountain and climbing enthusiasts. This via ferrata offers a unique experience, combining adventure with breathtaking views of the Dolomites. It was created by the Cortina Alpine Guides, who have executed the work perfectly.

The via ferrata takes its name from the Caprioli San Vito Sports Association, which has been promoting sports activities, especially among youth, since the post-war period. Founded by a group of young people from San Vito, the association has grown with the aim of contributing to the development of the entire community. Initially focused on skiing and rock climbing, the association gradually expanded to include all mountain sports.

Difficulty and technical features

The Ferrata Caprioli is suitable for hikers with a good level of experience. The route has a medium difficulty, with challenging sections requiring strength and technique. The total ascent is about 690 meters, and the average time to complete the loop is 4-5 hours, depending on the pace.

How to reach the Ferrata Caprioli

To reach the starting point, from San Vito di Cadore you need to drive up to Baita Sun Bar, where you can park your car. From here, following the clear signs, proceed along the dirt road, trail number 228. After a few minutes, you’ll cross the Ru Seco stream and continue for about twenty minutes along the dirt track until you reach a fork.
Here, you need to leave the dirt road and take a narrow forest path to the left, which climbs steeply through a beautiful forest of pines and firs. The path to the Caprioli via ferrata is marked by a charming logo depicting two opposite deer heads.

The ascent is quite steep, as it climbs straight without respite for quite a while, until it emerges into a more open space where the trail markings become less obvious. However, thanks to numerous signs, it’s not difficult to find the way with careful attention. Since it’s a new via ferrata, over time the footsteps of hikers will likely make the path clearer. The path leads us close to the first rocks, descends to the left, then ascends again to finally reach the start of the Caprioli via ferrata at an altitude of 1470 meters.

Highlights of the via Ferrata Caprioli in San Vito

The Caprioli via ferrata offers spectacular views of the Dolomites, with the imposing silhouette of Mount Antelao, the second highest peak in the Dolomites, standing out prominently. There are numerous viewpoints along the route that will leave you breathless, and the view of the village of San Vito below is truly marvelous.

The first part of the route is relatively easy, but after recent rains, the presence of numerous grassy patches and soil can make the ground slippery.

The upper part of the Caprioli via ferrata, on the other hand, traverses solid rock with smooth slabs where metal rungs are strategically placed in the more challenging sections, providing significant assistance.
It’s not a via ferrata to take lightly.

The ferrata ends at a beautiful and panoramic green meadow, Pra de Mason, at an altitude of 1750 meters. Following trail number 225 for about twenty minutes leads to Rifugio San Marco, a true gem situated at Col de chi de Os.


From Rifugio San Marco, trail number 228, passing through Rifugio Scotter, takes about an hour to return to Baita Sun Bar, thus completing our loop route.

Necessary equipment

To tackle the Caprioli via ferrata, it’s essential to have the right equipment. Make sure you have a via ferrata harness, a protective helmet, and a via ferrata lanyard with an energy absorber. If you want to learn more about the equipment, explore more about via ferrata gear.
I also recommend bringing water, energy snacks, and clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

Safety and Tips

It’s important to approach the via ferrata with proper physical and technical preparation. Always check the weather conditions before setting out and don’t hesitate to turn back in case of bad weather. Remember that safety comes first: never underestimate the importance of good preparation and appropriate equipment.


The Caprioli via ferrata in San Vito di Cadore is a new gem to explore for all mountain enthusiasts. With its blend of technical challenges and breathtaking vistas, it promises to become another attraction for lovers of the mountains and the stunning Dolomites.

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