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Alice Colli climbing via Miriam

Cinque Torri, Via Miriam

A classic climb that always likes On June 29, 1927, the Ampezzo guides Angelo and Giuseppe Dimai, known as “Déo,” drew a new difficult route on the sunlit southern
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Raponzole's climb

Raponzole’s climb

A great short climb in Cinque Torri, the Raponzole’s climb The Raponzole’s climb is one of the many beautiful climbs in the Cinque Torri area.In my opinion, it is
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The Madonna of Solitude

The Madonna of Solitude

A devotional icon at the foot of Mt. Croda Rossa The church of Madonna of Solitude, built in Nuoro in the early 1600s, is a beloved small structure cherished by th
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Opening Rock & Roll on Tofana di Rozes

Rock & Roll on the Rozes

Tofana di Rozes, Rock & Roll on the south face Rock & Roll is the name given by Aldo Da Vià and Ruggero Zardini to the route opened in August 2020 on the south fac
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Ascending the Rocchetta di Prendera

The Rocchetta

A walk in a wild and solitary environment, the ascent to the Rocchetta The ascent to the Rocchetta di Prendera, not far from the crowded paths leading to Malga Fed
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Eleonora Colli climbing up Caprioli Route

Bolted Route on Mt. Popena Basso

The Caprioli Route A bolted route, the Caprioli Route, was opened in autumn 2021 by Simone Corte Pause “Scossa,” a member of the Caprioli Climbing Group, and my be
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