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Guidebook: Great Dolomite Road and via Ferrata

New guidebook

Guidebook: Great Dolomite Road + via Ferrata The guidebook Great Dolomite Road and via Ferrata describes a classic itinerary to visit some of the most scenic parts
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The Knight of Brack

The legend of the Knight of Brack

The “Gran Bracun”, the Knight of Brack For a short walk, or for a “cultural” stop if you pass through these parts, I suggest today a curiosity regarding the Knight
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Fodara Vedla

The hill of the machine

The hill of the machine and the brilliant idea of Silvestro Franceschi, Tete Dane Around 1850 the Municipality of Marebbe cut large quantities of wood at Fanes and
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Bivouac Dall'Oglio and Val Montesela

A quiet place

Path 0, Valley Val Montesela and bivouac Dall’Oglio If you love the mountains and are looking for a quiet place, let me tell you a few words about Path 0 (pronounc
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Discovering the Giau Wall

The history of the Giau Wall

An ancient history, the Giau Wall The history of the Giau Wall is an ancient one. It is about a controversy over some pastures and land between the inhabitants of
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Ascent to Punta Erbing

Wild Punta Erbing

Ascent to Punta Erbing, an exceptional viewpoint Celebrated Ampezzo Alpine Guide Antonio Dimai knew Mt Pomagagnon very well and opened up a grand total of five new
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