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Easy sport climbing at Sass de Stria cliff.

Sass de Stria Cliff

Easy sport climbing at Sass de Stria cliff: exploring the perfect spots for novice climbers The Sass de Stria cliff, a towering peak near the Falzarego Pass, offer
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Climbing at Rio Gere

Rio Gere cliff offers climbing opportunities in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Long pitches and endurance are the characteristics of the Rio Gere cliff. This beautiful cliff w
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Con le ciaspe a Fedare.

Snowshoeing in Fedare

An easy snowshoeing excursion in Fedare An easy snowshoeing excursion in Fedare is an excellent choice for those looking to spend a couple of hours in the snow in
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Stereoscopic camera.

Antonia Zardini

Antonia Zardini, the First Italian War Photojournalist In the picturesque Ampezzo Valley, memories abound with admiration for the photographic talent of the great
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Val Fonda with snowshoes

In Val Fonda with snowshoes

A snowshoe walk in Val Fonda described today can be a valid alternative to more challenging hikes when seeking a route that is not steep, not strenuous, and does n
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