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Super Winter Saeson.

After a 65 feet of snow, locals say it was the most snow they’s seen in 50 years. A record winter in Italy’s Dolomites.

Do you need a massage?

Massage is well known in sports and is good for our body’s health while exercise strengthens our immune system and prevents the onset of many diseases. Unfortunately, those who practice sport are more exposed to the risk of injuries and minor ailments, such as contractures, muscle strains or tendon inflammation and, in the most unfortunate […]

Tony Scott, filmmaker and alpinist.

Tony is no more, he’s gone beyond. The reasons for his act are not as yet clear, but it appears that he was gravely ill. Hit by an incurable disease, he’s chosen to end it all rather than subject himself to useless therapies: a strong and decisive choice, just like his character, a choice one […]

Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina lost their lives.

A trust fund has been established by the Belluno Mountain rescue service for the families of Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina who lost their lives during a rescue operation last week. After the terrible tragedy on Monte Pelmo, where Alberto Bonafede and Aldo Giustina lost their lives while attempting to rescue two German alpinists, thoughts […]

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