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A deposit of 30% of the total sum due is payable for online bookings. Use the side form here to make your payment.

To manage payments, I have chosen PayPal for one simple reason: millions of clients use PayPal because it is fast and safe!

You don’t need to have an account on PayPal.

I will point out that through the PayPal it is possible to pay the fee using the most common and widespread credit cards: Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Carta Aura.

It will be sufficient to select the “Pay with a card” option which can be selected within Pay Pal and then select the credit card to use.

PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.

With 24/7 fraud detection monitoring, PayPal alerts you if suspicious activity is detected whether you are making online payments, sending money online, or transferring money to your bank account.

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Someone contacts me every single day. Over the next 24 hours I will receive lots of emails from people asking for information on the Dolomites. Your donation will help me to be there to answer every enquiry I receive.

Even though my work as a guide keeps me very busy all the time I try to do my best to provide free information and advice on the site. This means that I often have to work on the site late at night and it can be difficult to keep up!

More than ten years have gone by since I set up this site and I have continued to work on it on my own in my free time funding it myself.

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If you have found this site useful and want to help to keep it going and up-to-date consider giving a donation, however small. Your generous contribution will help me dedicate more time to the site and pay its running and software costs.

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