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Via Benjamin on Tofana di Mezzo.

Tofana di Mezzo, central pillar

In the summers of 2002 and 2003 the Scoiattoli Luigi Majoni and Davide Gaspari established a difficult and beautiful route up the East Face of the Tofana di Mezzo.
The route isn’t well-known and ascends splendid limestone slabs and the overhangs up the mountain’s central spur.

tofana di mezzo

The route

Due to the demanding nature of the climbing the first ascentionists had to resort to aid, and the route was named in memory of the deceased Scoiattolo Beniamino Franceschi “Mescolin”. In summer 2010 the route was freed by Ruggero Zardini, accompanied by his friend Cristian Casanova.

Starting point: Cortina
The easiest way is to take the cable car “Freccia nel cielo” and reach the top of Tofana di Mezzo.
Descend the via ferrata and walk on a well marked ledge to the start of the route.


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P1: 7b, 20m
: 6c, 50m
: 7a, 40m
: 7a, 20m
P5: 7c, 40m
P6: 7c, 50m
P7: 6b+, 35m
P8: 6c, 35m

Abseil down the route or, if you’re quick, take the cable car.

12 quickdraws, two 60m ropes, friends (from Metolius micro to the red Black Diamond Camalot).

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