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The most used rock climbing knots

If you are familiar with ropes, you’ll know that many knots can be used for climbing. Since its beginning, roped climbing has been dependent on the art of knot. While rock climbing equipment has improved to allow more people to climb higher and more safely, when rigging up for technical climbing, good knot tying can mean the difference between life and death. You don’t need to know a lot of knots to go rock climbing, but the few you need to know, you need to know well. I have limited the content of this page to illustrating only the fundamental knots used in the sport.


Connect two pitons
Connect two pitons
Connect two pitons
Connect two pitons

Clove hitch  barcaiolo
Italian hitch  Italian hitch



Figure of eight      figure of eight
Bowline knot re-threaded     climbing knots


Bowline knot     bowline
Figure of eight loop     knot


Joining knots

Overhand knot nodo
Water knot nodo fettucce
Fisherman’s knot nodo inglese
Grapevine knotclimbing knots


Friction knots

Marchand     machard
Prusik knot    climbing knots

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